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HEART at Brews for the Beasts
Saturday, Sept. 19
Greenbluff, WA.



HEART at the Spokane Interstate Fair
DEM Booth
Saturday, Sept 12

May 16 -17, 2015

Rest_Stop_PicScrag Rest Stop - Eastbound

HEART will host the Rest Stop Coffee & Snack Shack

December 14, 2014

HEART President, Donna, and VP, Pat, returned home from their deployment with the American Humane Association Red Star Team


December 9, 2014
American Humane Association Red Star Animal Emergency Services Team Deployment

HEART members, Donna and Pat, have joined the Red Star Team at a deployment in Helmetta, NJ.

The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals requested assistance with animals in need after the voluntary receivership of a local animal shelter.  The animals were living in unacceptable conditions.  91 cats and 15 dogs are being cared for by the team.

Donna is Lead of Feline Shelter Operations and Pat is working as assigned throughout the shelter, including the Quarantine and Medical sections.

HEART training includes American Humane Association Basic Animal Emergency Services Training and/or Disaster Sheltering for Companion Animals.  Completion of these training courses are part of the qualifications for national deployment with the American Humane Association Red Star Animal Emergency Services Team.

Read about the deployment here:

September 26, 2014
HEART is assisting SCRAPS
with a sheltering event.
Team members please contact Pat for details and scheduling.

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HEART members assisted SCRAPS to move their animals to the brand new facility!

I-90 Eastbound Sprague Exit
May 31 & June 1, 2014
HEART members were at the I-90 Eastbound Sprague Exit to provide travelers with Rest Stop Goodies!  
Team #1 Saturday, Sue & Lou, brought in over $250.00 on May 31 morning.  (Apparently high volume, including at least one busload of band members heading to Silverwood!)  Team #2 on Saturday, Pat & Nancy, experienced a low, but generous volume of traffic.  Their efforts brough in just under $200.00 on May 31, evening.
Team 3, June 01, morning is Donna & Kathleen
Team 4, June 01, evening is Amy, Brenda, & Judy

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June 2014
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HEART Members Deploy with American Humane Association Red Star Team
HEART members Donna & Mike recently deployed with the American Humane Association's Red Star Team to Whiteville, TN. to assist with the rescue, transport, and care of 19 allegedly abused animals.

From Donna:

Mike and I are now back in Spokane safe and sound; although more than a bit tired. 

We helped the American Humane Association Red Star team seize 18 horses and 1 mule from an owner’s property in Tennessee. Due to the skills of the responders and local horse owners, the moving them off the property went very smoothly. Our challenges began the minute they were off loaded into the temporary shelter. Due to the unstable health condition of many of the horses this shelter is being staffed on a 24 hour basis.

This area of Tennessee has the great fortune of having a very pro-active local equine veterinarian. She was on the property prior to the seizure and had an opportunity to more closely evaluate the condition of many of the horses. She accompanied the team on the day of the seizure & began immediate 24 hour medical care of the horses in the emergency shelter.

Mike & I feel very fortunate to have been able to work along her and the rest of the Red Star team learning much more about watching for signs of potentially serious health issues as well as working first hand with administering oxygen; putting horses in an Anderson Sling as well as customizing rigs in fairground horse stalls to accommodate hanging the slings with the horses in them in the stalls. We are looking forward to sharing this experience with SCRAPS and our HEART Team.

Fairgrounds Shelter Photos




Fairgrounds Shelter Demobilized

IMG_0584_-_Sm_CopyThe Fairgrounds Shelter was demobilized today, December 23, as the remaining horses from the November 15 rescue were transported to adoptive, foster, and rescue groups to be made available for adoption.  HEART members assisted SCRAPS with the rescue and transport, and assisted the ASPCA with the care of the horses.  

Watch KXLY's story, "Rescued Horses Get New Homes in Time for the Holidays" which aired Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Horses Finding Homes for the Holidays!
ASPCA announced that it is wrapping up its operational support in Spokane on December 23.  The majority of the horses have been placed with adopters, foster families, or rescue groups to be made available for adoption.  HEART has been assisting the ASPCA to care for the horses since the seizure on November 15.

HEART Member Featured in AHA Photos 
Brenda is featured in photos from the AHA website! 1476494_10152268977082454_2022133144_n  


Brenda volunteered with American Humane Association's Red Star Team to help the ASPCA to assist with the care of close to 250 dogs seized from what is believed to be the second-largest dog-fighting raid in U.S. history.

HEART members have been assisting ASPCA and SCRAPS to care for the remaining horses from the November West Plains Horse Seizure.  Dr. Dick Greene, ASPCA's Senior Director of Disaster Response had lead the team which has included volunteers from as far away as upstate New York and Florida! 

West Plains Horse Seizure
HEART was once again called on by Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS) to assist in the seizure, rescue, transportation and care of 63 neglected horses from the same West Plains property where 26 horses were removed in July, 2013.

HEART members worked at the site and at the temporary shelter set up at the Spokane County Fairgrounds.


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